Article 09 -

A Beautiful Mess

A BEAUTIFUL MESS is an ongoing conversation about where things go when we clean things up. It’s seeing the contributions and inspirational impact that random street objects and people have on our creative process and ideas. This impromptu installation of discarded mannequins in the streets of Brooklyn illustrates what can happen when we change our perspective. Taken from the trash, these mannequins reclaimed their power and took to the streets. They make us pause and take a second look at what and who we might have disregarded.

Fulani Hart


The impact of random street objects and street people is part of daily life in the city. In

passing we often see them as ugly or inconvenient. But we collect these visual gifts.

They seep into our subconscious. We then, not realizing it, inject elements of what we

thought we despised, in our designs, dress codes, home decor, art, and conversation.

Rarely do we connect the dots and recognize the value of what was unwanted.