My daughter came with her name. I didn’t plan on naming her Archer, but when she was born it seemed imperative to give her a name that inspired strength. A name that would accompany her on her journey and help her keep her focus and remain true to herself.

I love clothes. I love how they define us, inspire us, and have the power to affect how we feel about ourselves. They accompany us on our journey. What we wear matters. For me, designing clothes is an opportunity to create beauty and to create meaningful work. It is my means of communication.

As I design, I consider what it means to be a woman. As women today, we have options and the freedom to wear whatever we want and to express our femininity in many ways. This was not always the case. And there begins my adventure and my quest to understand how we got here and where we might want to go.

Let’s explore together who we are as women today and how style and fashion are relevant, full of inspiration and deeper meaning, and how they can strengthen our resolve to live fully into our potential.

Jillian Kaufman Grano. designer. founder.